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10 Tips on What to Wear to Your Engagement Session

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October 2, 2018

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You found your photographer, you booked your session, but now you have no idea what to wear? Don’t worry! I created this cheat sheet of 10 tips of what to wear to your session so you can rock it and feel comfortable! All right, you ready? Here we go!

Fit Your Style to Your Location

When thinking of what to wear it is important to think about where your session will be. If your session is happening in a city, then you might want to dress it up a bit to match the bustling vibe of the city. But if your session is in a more natural environment, like a beach, choosing something a bit more casual such as a maxi dress or casual footwear like sandals, boots, or even barefoot will match the location. Also think of the vibe you want. If you want your session to tell a story of being carefree and hanging out with your best friend then you might want to choose clothes that are more casual and relaxed so you can run around or get that Netflix and chill vibe.

Don’t Match. Coordinate.

Remember looking at 90’s family photos where everyone wore white t-shirts and blue washed out jeans? Well that is no more! You want each person’s personality to come out so it’s important to not be matchy matchy. A great way to avoid this is to coordinate with a color palette. Check out number 3 for how to do this!

Choose Your Color Palette First

Okay think of it like a paint swatch at home depot. You walk up, pick up a color swatch and there are usually four shades of a color (to most of us they look exactly the same, especially to men…am I right? haha) You want to think in terms of tones… blue tones, earth tones, neutrals, pastels, etc. Each person in the session can express their own sense of style within the chosen color palette and it will coordinate beautifully without one person overpowering another. You can also look on Pinterest or Google for some suggestions on color palettes.

Also don’t be afraid to stand out a little bit. If you are having a session at the sand dunes you might want to wear bright orange or red to pop against the scenery. Or if you would rather blend in and let your personalities shine you can keep it neutral.

Don’t Forget About the Shoes

Shoes are often forgotten, but are just as important as the rest of it! You don’t want to put your man in a nice pair of pants and button up shirt and then have him roll up wearing Nike’s. It is important to match your footwear to the location and the style of your wardrobe. If you are in a location that is more relaxed and causal you can wear flip flops, tennis shoes, or go barefoot. If you are doing formal photos you might want heels, wedges or nice flats and dress shoes for men. When it comes to men’s shoes, I say when in doubt wear a business causal shoe. They always look good whether you are going for casual or formal and you can’t really go wrong with it.

Choose Your Go To Outfit

I am all about being who you truly are and being real. That being said if you are a jeans and t-shirt type of girl wear jeans and a t-shirt. If you like dressing up and getting all dolled up then put on a dress and your favorite pair of heels! You also don’t have to necessarily go out and buy new outfits if you don’t want to. If you already have a outfit that you feel amazing in then you should wear it! But a session is also a new excuse to go hit Target and get a few new things! 🙂

Stay Away From Distracting Prints

That goes for logos too. Logos and hypnotic/loud prints can be distracting and can take the focus off of you. You also want to minimize the print. If one person has a print make sure the other person wears a solid. This makes sure the prints aren’t clashing and causing a distraction. One way to show of your style and avoid prints is to think about texture. You can stay within the same color palette but choose different textures such as lace, corduroy, denim, and knits.

Decide if You Want Formal or Casual

Sometimes couples love a good excuse to dress up and this is definitely a good excuse for that! But make sure your outfit conveys what you want to feel. If you are a couple that never dresses up then you might want to stick to more casual, but if you are a couple that loves to hit the town then show off your personality and go a little formal! And if you still can’t decide the great part is that you can do two outfit changes, so you can get some formal photos as well as casual!

Movement is Always a Good Idea

I love capturing movement with my clients so it is always fun when there is a flowy dress involved. You could also wear a hat or layer up with sweaters. Wearing clothes that are comfortable and flowy allows you to be carefree without worrying about feeling constricted. I also love when clients wear their hair down, especially when it is windy. Professional models pay a lot of money for wind machines, so it’s amazing when mother nature does it’s job.

 Hair & Make-up

Photo sessions are a great chance to get dolled up for the day. Getting your hair and makeup done can add a little something to your photos and can give you a extra boost in confidence. If you are interested in getting your hair and makeup done, I have some great referrals I can give you!

Also a tip for my engaged couples: Schedule your hair and makeup trial the day of your engagement photos!

Don’t Stress.

Stressing about your outfit should not happen! This is supposed to be a fun experience and there shouldn’t be any pressure. If you need help I am always here to lend a hand and offer suggestions on what to wear. Feel free to send me your options. And if all else fails, wear something you are comfortable in and feel good in! Feeling good and confident is all that matters!

Well there you have it! My 10 tips on what to wear for your photography session. I hope these tips helped you out and if you have any more questions after reading this don’t hesitate to ask!


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  1. Kasen Bras says:

    Kelly is AMAZING!
    She took my graduation photos this past June and they were nothing short of stunning.
    Prior to my photoshoot, she took some time out of her schedule to scope out the area for the photoshoot. When I arrived, she was super friendly and ready to go.
    Kelly is affable and hands-on; she has so many ideas and has such creativity! She honestly made the photoshoot so much fun!
    The photos turned out so lovely! There was a large range of photos from classy to fun and I got to keep them all! I have gotten so many compliments on them. Plus, my family has framed so many of the photos & are so in love with them!
    I’m ready to book Kelly the next time I need professional photos done and I strongly recommend her as a photographer!
    Kelly, you are so wonderful!!! 🙂

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