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Palos Verdes Engagement // Cynthia & Patrick

April 1, 2019

Okay you guys. Cynthia and Patrick are literally the best human beings! Cynthia entered my engagement session giveaway in February and was the lucky winner…but not to sound too cheesy but honestly I am really the winner because I got to meet two incredible people. After texting back and forth with Cynthia and then spending the day with her and Patrick I feel like we had that “did we just become best friends” moment. I was even lucky enough to third wheel with them on a date after the session! And this girl loves a margarita as much as I do, so I know it is going to be a great friendship.

Palos Verdes was the perfect location for these two. With so many great locations we were able to laugh, play, and have a great time. These two made it so easy and you could tell how much in love they were. One of my favorite things to do during the session is to observe and catch the little moments when these two are truly just there with one another. Whether that was Patrick squeezing her hand or Cynthia catching a glimpse of him, these two are madly in love. Finding out all about how they met and how he popped the question is also one of my favorites. And this guy did it in HAWAII!! They showed me the video of him proposing (yes major props to Patrick for recording this!) and holy smokes you guys, it was so beautiful. You just know their wedding is going to be incredible.

One of the biggest things I hear when I start a session is that the couple feels like they are awkward and don’t know what to do. Can you believe that Cynthia and Patrick where ones who thought that? I bet you couldn’t tell by looking at these pictures right? They freaking nailed it! Your engagement session is all about having fun and being able to smooch on your man for about 90% of the time! haha I’m just here to help guide you a little bit and make it fun! Check out their session and let me know how you think they did? In my book they were a dream to shoot and I cannot wait to see them again!

Love you two!


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