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How to Ace Those Walking in Front of Camera Shots

July 26, 2019

At the beginning of all my sessions I like to start with walking in front of camera shots. This allows the couple to loosen up a little and ease into other poses. So here are some tips on how to walk in front of the camera and make it seem candid.

Act as if you are walking on a thin straight line. This puts a nice “rise” on one side of your hip during each step. Overall It gives a much more “flattering” look throughout the body. In photos, when you walk one foot in front of the other, how you normally would (instead of the line), it’s easy to get what I call the “penguin walk” where you look stiffer since hips are even and steps look blockier. Walking on the this straight line can feel much more unnatural for men, but in photos it looks a lot better.

Allow motion in your upper body! It’s easy to feel like you need to freeze for the camera, but I want the exact opposite. I ask my couples to allow motion in their neck and arms. Look at the floor, look at each other, look away, we’ll add in laughs together, and there will be a point where I ask the guy to pull her in and kiss her head.

Have a conversation! Talk about what you want to eat for dinner or the show you want to binge next on Netflix. Having a conversation makes it feel a little less awkward and a little more normal.

Applying these tips makes it look like you are enjoying each other’s company as you walk home and you will love these shots!


So get to walking!


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