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How to Not Have Fake or Cheesy Couple Portraits

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Every couple I talk to stresses about how candid and authentic pictures mean more to them then posed! Even though a lot of portraits have to be posed a little, no one wants portraits that look too posed, fake or cheesy! The more candid the portraits look the better!

There are a lot of ways to achieve this and I have a lot of prompts to make it happen in a fun and stress free way.

Just in case you have a photographer who doesn’t know what their doing, here’s one of the MAIN tips you can do.

It can be called the  X-FACTOR.

So what is it?

A lot of times a photographer will tell you to look at one another. BUT you never want to look directly in the eyes of each other for the portrait because it comes out CHEESY and FAKE. You can immediately tell that someone told you to look at each other.

So here’s how to avoid that cheesy look with the x-factor.

Imagine you have an imaginary line coming out of the tip of your nose and eyes.

When posing with your fiance you always want those imaginary lines crossing making an X.

So Instead of having my couples look at each other in the eyes, I’ll have one of them turn their chin slightly to the side and down, and drop their eyes down. This give the portrait a more CANDID and AUTHENTIC touch.

So below is a version that is WRONG


I mean it feels fake and cheesy!! It’s like they are staring into each other’s souls…in not a good way haha

Notice how the imaginary lines DO NOT cross and make an X. The truth is couples don’t actually do this which is why it makes the portraits “look” posed… but photographers make couples do this ALL THE TIME.

Now check out this photo below.


This gives the portrait a sense of candid. As if I caught them in a real beautiful moment.

Okay so lets give you ONE MORE TIP!

Ever hear a photographer say “tilt your head back and laugh”? You know the type of photos I’m talking about! Because this looks extremely cheesy!! I like to use different prompts to create those natural laughs, yes laughs that are actually happening!

Want an inside glimpse into one of the prompts? One thing I might say to the groom is to have him whisper his favorite cereal in her ear in his sexiest voice. It might sound weird and dumb, but trust me it gets them every time. Even if what he says isn’t funny, the couple will start laughing because of how awkward it was!

I hope you enjoyed this!

Be sure to look out for tomorrow’s email where I give you your 3rd gift :).

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I'm Kelly and I'm so happy you're here. This journal features my amazing couples, some wedding tips and some insight into who I am!

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