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6 Things Every Bride Should Bring to Her Getting Ready Room

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Your dress, shoes, bridesmaid gifts, mimosas…these are things you know you need to bring to your getting ready room. But did you know there are 6 more things you should bring to make your day and photos even better? Take a look at this list and don’t forget to incorporate them!


1. Custom Hanger

You take the time to pick out your perfect wedding dress. Some of you have even dreamed of it your whole life. So it is important to capture it beauitufly. Unfortunately most of the time the dresses come with plastic hangers. (You know the ones I’m talking about… the ones you can find at retail stores. Not only are these hangers flimsy, but they are also very distracting in photographs.) You need something to enhance the beauty of your dress. Investing in a custom hanger can do just the trick. You can even get a cute one with your last name on it in wire or paint.

Click here for some cute examples from Etsy.

If you don’t want to invest try a plain wooden hanger from your closet. It will be a good solution without distracting your eyes away from your dream dress!


2. Wedding Rings, Jewelry, & Family Heirlooms

Traditionally the best man is supposed to hold onto the wedding rings until the ring exchange, but I think it’s important to have the rings in the bridal suite. I love to photograph the engagement ring and both wedding bands together, especially with your other details. Don’t worry once I am finished the best man can have them back! Also if you are wearing a necklace, earrings, bracelet or have a family heirloom (like grandmothers broach) make sure it is all organized in a box where I can access it immediately when I get in. Your details are the first thing I will shoot. If everything is already together and organized it will also give me more time to stage and shoot it instead of having to track everything down. Also don’t forget those shoes! We need those puppies documented too!


3. Complete Invitation Suite

Your invitation suite represents a good first impression of what your wedding day will be like. It takes time to pick out the design, address them, and send them out. So you deserve to have some beautiful photos of them! I love getting shots of the invitation suite with your rings, jewelry, shoes, etc. It really sets the tone for the whole day and you will love being able to look back at these photos in your album! Also if you can include a wedding program or any other paper goods or color textures that matches the theme of your wedding that would be great! Put everything in a manilla envelope to avoid creases and make sure to put it with the rest of your details so it can be the first thing I pick up when I arrive.


4. Bouquets & Boutonnieres

Most of the time your bouquet and boutonnieres will be delivered to the venue. But I love being able to incorporate your bouquet into some of the detail shots. I can even grab some cute photos of the bouquet alone. By having your bouquet and boutonnieres at your getting ready room this will also allow you to have it for your first look and bridal party portraits. Plus if a florist has any loose flowers it is a win win because I can incorporate them into the flat lay of your other details!


5. Perfume

This is something that most brides don’t think about, but when I tell my brides they often get so excited!

If you bring a new bottle of perfume (that you haven’t worn yet) to wear on your wedding day, you will remember that new scent and be able to relate it to the happiest day of your life. That way whenever you put it on after your wedding you will be transformed back to that amazing day. Even your hubby will remember that scent 🙂



6. Champagne, Confetti, & and any other Fun Props!

Hanging out with your best friends while getting ready is one of the moments you will remember from your day. But adding fun props like popping champagne and throwing glitter can make it even more fun and leave you with fun photos of you and your girls celebrating! 


Now that you know what to bring. Click here to read some tips on how to enjoy the “getting ready” time!

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