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Lauren & Jamie’s Joshua Tree Engagement Photos

March 22, 2020

When I first spoke with Lauren on the phone I immediately knew we were going to become close friends. She was that type of person that you meet and immediately feel like you have known them for years. So when she told me she was scrolling through Pinterest looking at Joshua tree engagement photos I immediately knew she was my vibe!

We decided to make a road trip out to Joshua Tree and let me tell you it was worth it! Now before I get into the photos I have to tell you something that happened that was so funny! I am a huge true crime fan. Like I’m talking I love podcasts like “My Favorite Murder” and all the the true crime tv shows. So as I was waiting for Jamie and Lauren to pick me up a small thought popped into my head…. What if this was a scam! What if they were going to take me to Joshua Tree and kill me! After two seconds I laughed about it..but honestly it could happen! *insert shrugging emoji here* Once we were together I told them and everyone started busting out laughing. Lauren even thought the EXACT same thing! That is when I knew okay this girl is my girl! She also loved true crime. We also bonded over reality tv and shark tank. Jamie even gave me a whole shark tank pitch about energy soup. After we broke the ice we of course had to throw some roadtrip music on. They put a cd on and “Life is a Highway: came on. We probably heard that song 10 times during that road trip. They even brought their dogs Tilly and Libby so I was able to cuddle with them the whole way there. Talk about a perfect roadtrip!

Once we got to Joshua Tree Jamie and Lauren just freaking went for it. And I mean went for it! I have never had a couple go with the flow like them. They just had fun and were down for all my crazy ideas.

Now get this. Can you believe that Lauren was nervous before this shoot? After the shoot she texted me and said “You’re amazing! It’s so funny because I was struggling in the morning trying to look “perfect” and then ended up really just being free with it..not like me. It’s your aura… I felt zero awkwardness! It ended up being a blast!” Words like that mean everything to me! I want my couples to feel like themselves and just have fun with it! Now go check out this amazing session!

engaged couple in Joshua Tree engaged couple walking through joshua tree joshua tree engagement photos joshua tree engagement photos couple taking engagement photos in Joshua Tree engaged couple kissing in joshua tree

Also Lauren got this jumpsuit from Lulu’s. SO FREAKING CUTE!!!

bride holding a bouquet in joshua tree joshua tree engagement photos with dogs fun engagement photos in joshua tree woman grabbing off her hat and showing off her engagement ring

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