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Over Netflix & chill? Check out these 10 At Home Date Night Ideas

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So here’s the thing: I love a good old Netflix and Chill, but sometimes you wanna be a little more creative than that! Whether you are trying to save money or just don’t feel like going out there are a bunch of fun at home date night ideas you can choose from. I searched the internet, found my favorites, and came up with these 10 At home date night ideas!

Let me know what ones are your favorites!


1. Go Wine Tasting – At home!

Photo by Lisa Renault

You don’t need to go to a winery in able to wine taste! Go hit up your local store and buy a few wines, some cheese, and crackers.

Need a little inspo on how to set it up? Happily Ever Adventures created tips on how to set up the perfect at home wine tasting.


2. Camp Indoors

Set up a fort or heck even a tent inside your living room! Grab some sleeping bags and cuddle up with one another. You can even make s’mores! Roast your marshmallows over your fireplace or even your stove!


3. Have a DIY Wine & Paint Night

Now this one is fun and I have done it before! 5 years ago Brian and I decided to stay in for the night and try to paint each other’s portraits. Lets just say it was a blast! And honestly I think I won haha Check them out below to see the paintings we did of each other. I’m sure they will make you laugh! We even hung them up in our living room.

All you need is a canvas, some paint, and a bottle of wine. You can paint each other’s portraits like Brian and I did or try to paint the same object and see whose turned out better!



4. Play Scary Movie Bingo

Love scary movies, but want a new twist? Or too scared for scary movies? Well this is for you! Instead of just watching a scary movie (going back to netflix and chill) mix it up and play a game with it like bingo! This can remove some of the “scariness” and also make it more fun!

The Dating Divas created a tutorial here.


5. Challenge Each Other to a Cook Off

Photo by Bryan Venancio

A little healthy competition is always good for your relationship! Choose a specific course and go head to head with your partner. Or you could also pick the same ingredient and see who makes a better dish with it!


6. Dress up Fancy for a Dinner Night In

Instead of going out to a fancy dinner just have one at home! Put on your fanciest dress and have your man wear a suit! It will be fun playing dress-up and will get you out of those yoga pants and sweats you have probably been wearing all week long.

Bonus: Pretend the power is out and have a candle lit dinner. ROMANTIC!



7. Board Game Night


I don’t know about you, but I always love a good board game night! Here are some games you can play with two people:

  • Ticket to Ride (loving this one right now!)
  • Puzzles
  • Pandemic
  • Card Games
  • Battleship
  • Bananagrams
  • Scrabble


Wanna make it interesting and a little less PG? Add a rule where the loser of each game looses a piece of clothing. That should be a fun night! 😉

Number 5 is also a new twist on a board game.


8. Play “Would you rather” Jenga

Here’s Jenga with a twist! How it works: Write your favorite Would You Rather questions on each Jenga block. When you pick a block to pull you have to answer the question on it.

Here is a list of 250 Would You Rather questions.

Want a more rated R version? Here are some dirty Would You Rather questions.

Have fun!!


9. Make it a theme night

Chose a theme and center everything around it. For instance if you choose Mexican: Shake up margaritas, have some chips and guac, and go on Youtube for salsa dancing tutorials.

Some other themes could be: Italian, Asian, Christmas, Halloween, 80’s, etc


10. Bubble bath for two

Need I say more?



Hope these 10 at home date night ideas will spice up your relationship! Have fun 🙂

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