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Sheridan & Austin’s Boat Engagement Photos

April 7, 2020

If you have ever wanted to see boat engagement photos then look no further! These are WOW.. and I mean WOW! Sheridan and Austin are a photographer’s dream. And I’m not just talking because they are good looking. It’s because of their spirits! These two were a little nervous going into today’s session, but if you know me you know I kick all those insecurities to the curb. These two were down for anything. They literally just went for it and weren’t afraid to act silly. And that my friends is a photographer’s dream… when you 100% trust your photographer and just go with the flow! When Austin and Sheridan could act goofy and just have fun with it they felt so confident and at the end were so happy with their boat engagement photos.

So why did they choose to do their engagement photos on a yacht? These two have always had a love for the water. And to top it off Austin is a chef on the yacht. So these two are glued to the ocean. This yacht was literally the perfect location for these two. We got to run around, pop champagne, and they also had moments where they could stare at the gorgeous ocean and just breath it all in. After we got of the yacht we chased the sun and snapped a few photos of them at the beach with their adorable Husky! Sheridan and Austin would always take their dog to this beach, so it was the perfect way to end the session.

Then to top it all off Sheridan and Austin invited Brian and I out for dinner and drinks and it was a BLAST! I am not lying when I tell you that you legit become my friends! Austin and Brian talked the whole night (Bromance coming on?? haha) while Sheridan and I sipped on margaritas. It was truly such an amazing day and I am so lucky to have couples like Sheridan and Austin!!!


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