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How to Pick Wedding Flowers

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May 13, 2020

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I'm so happy you're here. This blog features my amazing couples, some wedding tips and some insight into who I am!

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We all know wedding planning can be overwhelming. Often, couples don’t even know where to start, and how to pick wedding flowers can be the most confusing and intimidating aspect to tackle. Kimberly Tran, founder & Creative Floral Designer of Chloe Rose Design, is here on the blog to share 5 things to consider when choosing your wedding flowers.


Stay Authentic

We’ve all swooned over wedding images on Pinterest and have pinned hundreds if not thousands of them on our own boards. It’s difficult not to obsess over every detail and want to make everything perfect in every way. But the real question is: “Is this really your style?” While these weddings may be stunning and seem flawless, it may not necessarily translate to who you are as a couple. Instead, be inspired and use that inspiration to design a wedding that genuinely describes your love and your relationship. Incorporate your favorite colors, your favorite flowers, even your own plants, if you are a plant mom or dad. Add personal touches to your arrangements like the flower he gave you on your first date, or integrate Tuscany-inspired floral pieces because that’s where the proposal happened. Your wedding designs and floral choices should speak to who you are as a couple. Tell your love story.

how to pick wedding flowers

wedding reception

Photos by Inner Song

L is an art teacher so we played with a lot of fun colors and unique florals. There are a lot of personal touches in L&C’s wedding like the rug hung on the arch is the same rug they got married on when they had their civil wedding and the globe guest book is perfect as they are international teachers.



Weddings can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. Having pieces that can be repurposed throughout the day is a great way to minimize expenses and give the florals more time in the spotlight. Some trendy methods are having an altar structure that can be redesigned to create a new look for the sweetheart table, using guest table centerpieces to design the ceremony aisle or even taking bridesmaid’s bouquets and setting them in pretty vases to dress-up cocktail tables. It is often more economical to have a few larger pieces for the ceremony to be used again at reception, than to have separate smaller pieces for both.

repurposing wedding florals from wedding arch to cake table

Photos by Lulan Studio

J&T had a beautiful ceremony right on a private beach with the reception indoors at a separate location. We decided to take their ceremony florals to repurpose for their cake table. Two beautiful and distinctive designs but one floral piece.


Mixing Expensive with Inexpensive

Have a big vision, but a more modest budget? Consider mixing expensive with inexpensive. Having tall centerpieces for half of the tables and mixing in shorter pieces for the other half can be a great alternative! You can also alternate between two different centerpiece designs. One design can have more expensive blooms like David Austin garden roses while the other design can be a cluster of baby’s breath. You can also combine florals of varying price-points into one design. For example, instead of going for an all orchid arrangement, use hydrangeas for their voluminous presence as a base structure then add in a stem or two of the orchids. Mixing expensive with inexpensive can be fun, unique and do wonders for the overall ambience.

how to pick wedding flowers

Photos by Photography by Paulina

For C&T’s wedding we mixed in high and low florals, garden roses vs regular roses, to create this dreamy whimsical and airy centerpiece.

Statement Pieces In Key Areas

Not every surface at your reception needs to be filled because sometimes, less really is more. Instead, choose a few areas to highlight while keeping other spaces more minimal. Go lavish on your sweetheart table and keep the guest table centerpieces at a minimum. Or, add in an extravagant floral chandelier or a stunning flower wall and keep your sweetheart table more minimalist with candles and loose blooms. It is more valuable to have some key pieces than to try to bring the entire garden indoor.



You should always voice your preferences to your florist, but try not to be fixated on a specific shade like the “perfect” blush or a particular flower or the way a certain rose ruffles. Nature can be unpredictable and has unlimited variants, so as much as we want to give you everything you are asking for, sometimes what you want is slightly different in real life or is just unavailable when you are getting married. Being open to a little flexibility will help the process be less stressful overall.


Planning a wedding can be stressful, but it can also be enjoyable and challenging in the best way possible. When you begin planning the floral aspect of your wedding, keep in mind the five points above and you will be on your way to a great planning process. Looking for a great designer to help you pick wedding flowers? Get in contact with Kimberly here. You can also click here to follow along with her on instagram!

how to pick wedding flowers

Photo by Caitlin Alohilani


Speaking of beautiful flowers… you should check out this wedding filled with colorful and bright florals!

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