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You've invested your heart and soul into your wedding day and in your future life as a couple.
So it is just as important to invest in the one perserving your most cherished memories. From your engagement session to your wedding day and beyond, I am so honored to be the one to capture and bring back all those amazing feelings! 

So what's the deal with my sessions?
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working with me

The Wedding Experience

My motto: "There are no rules to your wedding. When its your day do what you want and nothing else matters."

Step 1: 

After you inquire I think it’s important to get to one another! I mean i will be spending your whole wedding day with you so it is important we vibe! Getting to know my new couples and their love story is one of my favorite things. It’s beyond important that you feel comfortable with me and this is also a great way to find out all the little details you have carefully planned. So let’s plan a coffee date and get to chatting!


my process

 Coffee Time

Step 2: 

It’s so important to ensure that your wedding date is set in stone. I want to make sure your dream is a reality so it is important early on to make sure your wedding date is safe and secure. During this process you will be sent an online custom booking proposal where you can review your package and pay your retainer. This ensures everything is official and then we can get started/move onto the fun things! Okay here we go! 


my process

Save the Date

Step 3: 

This is the fun part! Your engagement session is the first opportunity to get you in front of my camera and make you feel confident! Once you say I do you are going to be married for the rest of your lives, but you will only be fiancés once! It is important to cherish this short time and make these memories be special just for the two of you!


my process

Engagement Session

Step 4: 

I’m here not just as your photographer, but as your friend. As your day gets closer I want to make sure you are stress free and see if I can help in any way possible. We will talk again to make sure all loose ends are taken of and that you are only feeling excitement as your day approaches! During this process we will be finalizing the timeline and any other details!


my process

Final Weeks

Step 5: 

This is is it! What we have been waiting for! This day is going to go by so fast, but luckily all you two have to worry about is enjoying every moment of it and soaking up all the excitement. All you need to do is laugh, smile, and dance your booties off! I’ll take care of the rest :)


my process

Your Wedding Day

Step 6: 

In the month following your big day you will receive so many goodies, like a sneak peek gallery and blog post of all my favorites. Your album will start production and your full gallery of all your photos will be on the way! After that you two get to enjoy the rest of your lives together and be able to look back at that wonderful day! 


my process

Post Wedding Fun

I am all about keeping it real! That means no stiff poses, no awkwardness, just fun! I want you to come alive during your session. I want you to laugh, smile, tell jokes, and just feel like you are hanging out with your best friend. Sure I can put you in a pose and get a good image, but I believe the images where you are actually laughing and smiling because someone made you smile (not because its forced) is what it's all about. Trust me I will help guide you and make your images as real as you are!

I believe in capturing real moments

what makes Me different

Ask my past grooms. I'm the first to step in and take 5 minutes to pin all the boutonnieres on the groomsmen. I want to make sure you guys look sharp! And those things can be a little tricky! Now ask my brides. As we walk from place to place I'm there carrying your dress, ready to fluff it for the photo. And that's not all. I'm there during the whole planning process, helping to make decisions a little easier, I'm there on the day when you have a bunch of vendors around you I'm a familiar face to calm any nerves, and don't forget the party! I'm there to get you guys in a good mood and ready to hit the dance floor! And after the wedding? Well after the wedding we are grabbing coffee, going to happy hour, heading out on double dates. Why? Because I'm more than just a photographer, I'm a friend!


I'm more than just a photographer

what makes me different

We start this journey as photographer and client, but we leave as friends. And I truly believe that! I'm not just here to capture your wedding day  and deliver your photos. I'm here during the whole process, here to help alleviate stress, to help answer questions, to help you plan. I want to stay in touch, hear about your life and stories and adventures. Hear about you starting a family and any milestones in your life. Grab coffee or a margarita, cuz you know this girl loves a margarita, and hear about your life. Hopefully you won't get sick of me because I plan on staying in touch, staying friends, and becoming family!

I treat you like family.

what makes me different

For Brides:

i know wedding planning can be stressful. from having to choose colors to venue to everything in between. So I've created some Tips to help make it a little easier! 

HEad over to my blog that is strictly for brides!

And the best part is I have goodies coming soon so you can even get tips and tricks sent directly to your email! 

give me all the tips!

No couple, no love story, no celebration is the same.

This day is all about you and your uniqueness should shine through! My packages are simple, all inclusive, and straight to the point. Inquire to find out more!




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