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How to Enjoy the “Getting Ready” Time

September 1, 2019

Getting ready for you day can be one of the most exciting, yet stressful times of the whole wedding day. The anticipation is high as you wait to see your groom and say your I Do’s. Sometimes brides can feel anxious, stressed, and a little nervous during this time. And I want to fix that! This time should be filled with excitement, joy, and sipping mimosas with your best friends as you get ready for the best day of your life! So if you want to have a good time while you’re looking good check out these tips on how to enjoy the “getting ready” time.

1. Make a killer playlist

Having been a bridesmaid over 5 times now I have been a part of many getting ready moments. It’s normal to feel a little anxious so I always love making sure there is a killer playlist to get the vibe of the room up! Having a fun playlist can get everyone’s mood up and make it feel more like a party! Now remember find playlists that are upbeat. Try searching for things like bachelorette playlist. Do NOT put a playlist on of slow romantic wedding songs. The moment one of those sappy songs come on your bride will start tearing up. The bride’s emotions are already going to be on a roller coaster so it is important to keep this moment upbeat and fun!

2. Pop, Fuzz, Clink

Pop champagne, have mimosas, or have your favorite drink ready. This time is the time to relax and party a little bit before your big day. I mean this is the last time you will be a MISS! Just make sure to not over do it and eat. Sometimes the getting ready portion of your day can feel like a lifetime so it is important to hydrate and eat so you are ready for the full day!


3. Confetti Explosion

Besides drinks it’s always fun to have some confetti you can throw around. It makes for the cutest photos and really makes you feel like you are celebrating!



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